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                                            Auto Sample Cleaner ASC
                                              The  ASC  weighs  an  initial  sample  of
                                            grain  or  seeds  (approx.  1.5  liters)  in  a
                                            single  operation,  starts  a  three  sieve
                                            sample  cleaner,  carries  out  the  de-aw-
                                            ning,  does  the  cleaning  in  a  time-con-
                                            trolled   manner   and   automatically
                                            weighs  the  two  fractions  of  small  grain
              Truck sampler Rakoraf 2       and  quality  grain  (cleaned  sample).   Quality evaluation of cereals
           linear between two tracks at     The  modern  operating  software  shows   at the grain reception with NIR
                  the reception             the  determined  masses  and  the  corre-  instrument Granolyser
          As  an  internationally  operating  spe-  sponding percentages on the display. If   barley  and  maize)  oil  seeds  (rapeseed
        cialist for sampling and grain measuring   required, the result can be printed out.   and sunflower seeds) can also be mea-
        technology,  the  German  manufacturer   The  result  consists  of  the  cleaning  loss   sured. Cereal legumes such as peas and
        Pfeuffer  has  more  than  70  years  of  ex-  (aspirator  discharge,  straw  and  sand   soya  beans  can  also  be  measured. The
        perience  in  equipment  for  agriculture,   sieve)  and  the  quality  grain  and  small   important  parameters  of  moisture,  pro-
        trade, flourmills, compound feed plants,   grain content. The weighed samples can   tein, sedi, gluten, oil content and starch
        seed  cultivation,  malthouses  and  brew-  be  taken  in  collecting  trays  for  further   are  supplemented  by  the  hectoliter
        eries.  The  product  portfolio  covers  the   analysis or fall into a large material con-  weight (bulk density) in the Granolyser
                                            tainer. The Panel PC stores all results. It
        entire field of grain quality control.                                  HL. The measurement result is shown on
                                            has USB interfaces for barcode scanner,   the display and printed out. The Grano-
                Truck sampler               keyboard or USB data storage. For easy   lyser HL is also equipped with LAN and
                                            processing  with  MS  Excel®  the  results
               Rakoraf 2 linear             can be exported to a USB data memory.   USB interfaces.
                                            In addition, the Panel PC has a network   The  quality  management  system  of
          The goal of goods inward testing in the   connection (RJ45, LAN) for fast, automat-  Pfeuffer is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001. It
        acquisition and trading of grain crops is   ic  transfer  of  results  to  a  ERP  or  ware-  also meets the strict explosion protection
        efficient sampling for correct evaluation   house system.               requirements of the European ATEX re-
        of  the  deliveries.  Sensitivity  to  foreign                          spectively international IECEX standard.
        substances and lack of quality mean that                                Pfeuffer  is  committed  to  environmental
        the  representativeness  of  the  delivery                              protection, to the sustainable use of nat-
        samples  must  be  ensured.  Correct  de-                               ural resources and to strict adherence to
        livery  samples  are  essential  for  quality                           the highest environmental standards, in-
        control, documentation and retraceabil-                                 cluding waste prevention and recycling.
        ity. The  Rakoraf  2  linear  easily  reaches                           Contributing to the sustainable procure-
        any  area  of  the  vehicle  to  do  this,  e.g.                        ment of our resources, two photovoltaic
        while the vehicle is on the weighbridge.                                plants  supply  about  50  percent  of  our
          Rakoraf 2 takes a proper sample in the                                annual electricity needs. Based on state-
        inner tube chamber of the spear. It op-                                 of-the-art in-house facilities for product
        erates  using  a  patented  air  circulation                            development,  manufacturing  and  as-
        system.  No  lightweight  fractions  (e.  g.                            sembly,  it  offers  a  diversified  portfolio
        broken grain, dust and dirt) are drawn in                               of humidity and temperature measuring
        from the immediate vicinity. The air flow   Combination of the truck    devices, laboratory equipment, and sys-
        only takes the sample which is present in   sampler reception box,      tems for sampling, sample division and
        the sample spear and transports it to the   automatic sample divider and   sample preparation. Today, Pfeuffer is a
        weighing room or a laboratory through a   sample cleaner automat.       competent  full-service  provider  with  a
        PVC hose. There the sample is separated                                 reputation  for  shortest  response  times
        from the air in the reception box (collec-  NIR analyser                and on-time order processing.
        tion container), emptied and is ready for
        quality control.                           Granolyser HL

                                              The  Granolyser  HL  supplements  the
                                            NIR  analy-sis  device  with  a  module  for
                                            bulk density. A large sample (600 ml) is
                                            poured  in. The  touch  screen  is  used  to
                                            start  the  measurement.  A  long-life  hal-
                                            ogen  lamp  with  controlled  light  in-ten-
                                            sity illuminates the sample. The sample
                                            material  is  continuously  transported,
                                            the  reflection  of  the  sample  is  scanned
                                            in  the  NIR  range  and  the  material  is
                                            then poured into the bulk container. The   Based on state-of-the-
                                            weight of a 500 ml sample is determined   art in-house facilities for
                                            using an integrated weighing system. As   manufacturing and assembly
          Truck sampler Rakoraf 2 linear    well as different grain types (wheat, rye,
              with roof construction.                                                                Circle 5 on enquiry card
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