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                           ALIVE, PROTECT SOIL BIODIVERSITY

                Soils are essential to life on Earth. Their protection is of   During this celebration, FAO will launch the first-ever re-
               the  utmost  importance  to  ensure  the  future  of  agri-food   port on the “State of Knowledge of Soil Biodiversity” cov-
               systems  and  the  provision  of  key  ecosystem  services.   ering its current status, challenges, and potentialities. The
               While  there  is  increasing  attention  to  the  importance  of   Glinka World Soil Prize 2020 will be awarded to an Italian
               biodiversity  for  food  security  and  nutrition,  especially   agricultural scientist and action leader in soil Luca Mon-
               above-ground  biodiversity  such  as  plants  and  animals,   tanarella,  and  the  King  Bhumibol World  Soil  Day  Award
               less attention is being paid to the biodiversity beneath our   will  be  given  to  the  Indian  Council  of  Agricultural  Re-
               feet, soil biodiversity.                          search (ICAR).
                This year’s World Soil Day aims to raise awareness of the   The event will bring together government officials, inter-
               importance of the diversity of soil organisms for most ter-  national organizations, and a wide array of experts on soil
               restrial  ecosystem  services,  including  food  production,   biodiversity. Discussions will be moderated by award-win-
               water  storage,  and  purification,  nutrient  cycling,  carbon   ning Thomson Reuters Foundation correspondent, Thin Lei
               sequestration, and source of medicines.           Win.
                Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the observance   Journalists can follow the event via Zoom here. The event
               of the World Soil Day will be celebrated virtually, on Fri-  will also be webcast here.  Simultaneous interpretation will
               day, 4 December 2020, 13:00 - 14:30 (Rome time).   be provided in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian,
                The observance will highlight how soil biodiversity can   Spanish.
               provide a truly natural solution to many of the problems   The celebration can be followed on social media using
               humanity faces today, from the field to the global scale, as   the hashtags #WorldSoilDay, #SoilBiodiversity
               well as efforts to conserve and protect it.

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