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                                 COLD STORAGE MARKET

          Lineage Logistics Holdings, LLC (“Lin-
        eage”  or  the  “Company”),  the  world’s
        largest  and  most  innovative  tempera-
        ture-controlled industrial REIT and logis-
        tics solutions provider, today announced
        it has acquired Pago Sp. z o.o. (“Pago”),
        leading  warehousing,  distribution,  and
        transport  logistics  provider  in  Poland
        from  its  current  ownership,  including
        Tönnies  International  Holding  GmbH
        (“Tönnies”).  The  strategic  acquisition
        marks the Company’s entrance into the
        Polish  market  and  adds  six  exception-
        al assets to Lineage’s global network of
        temperature-controlled  facilities.  Lin-
        eage was founded and continues to be
        managed  by  Bay  Grove  Capital,  LLC   add capacity and implement new, inno-  business  and  help  Lineage  drive  fur-
        (“Bay  Grove”),  a  principal  investment   vative customer solutions.”  ther growth in this critical and strategic
        firm dedicated to partnering with strong   The  combined  Company  will  feature   region. We would like to thank Tönnies
        management  teams  to  build  long-term   over  1.9  billion  cubic  feet  of  tempera-  for their efforts in support of this trans-
        platform  investments.  The  financial   ture-controlled  capacity  across  more   action.”
        terms  of  the  transactions  were  not  dis-  than 330 facilities in 15 countries, with a   “We  couldn’t  be  more  excited  to  be
        closed.                             global footprint that spans North Ameri-  joining the Lineage family,” said Patryk
          “We  are  excited  to  enter  Poland  by   ca, South America, Europe, Asia, Austra-  Gościniak, Vice Chairman of Pago. “Lin-
        acquiring  Pago,  which  is  known  for  its   lia, and New Zealand.    eage  is  known  worldwide  for  its  unri-
        dedicated  team  members,  the  most   “We are very pleased to partner with   valed  international  facility  network,
        modern  network  in  its  market  and  an   the  current  Pago  leadership,  who  have   robust  suite  of  supply  chain  solutions
        entrepreneurial  culture  with  roots  as  a   helped  the  organization  since  2006   as well as its extensive technology and
        family business – just like so many of the   based on an ethos of reliability, quality   automation  resources.  We  are  honored
        organizations we’ve embraced as part of   and commitment to the customer while   they have recognized our talent and ex-
        our ‘One Lineage’ family,” said Mike Mc-  growing  it  to  become  the  largest  and   pertise in the Polish market and will now
        Clendon, Lineage’s President of Interna-  most  modern  cold  storage  company  in   lead the Pago team into a promising new
        tional Operations & EVP of Network Op-  Poland,” said Adam Forste, Co-Executive   chapter as part of Lineage. On behalf of
        timization. “The acquisition also expands   Chairman  of  Lineage  and  Co-Found-  the leadership, I’d like to thank our entire
        the Lineage footprint to an increasingly   er and Managing Partner of Bay Grove.   team for their hard work in building Pago
        important market for our customers and   “Pago  leaders  Adam,  Patryk,  and  Ma-  to what it is today. It is because of these
        a region where we see opportunities to   ciej  Gościniak  will  continue  with  the   efforts and commitment to our business
                                                                                that we have reached this milestone.”
                                                                                                     Circle 9 on enquiry card


          Ti Cold Development, a nationally rec-                                scalable, and customizable cold storage
        ognized leader in the cold chain indus-                                 solution,” said Rob Adams, Principal at Ti.
        try, brings this unique cold storage op-                                 Strategically  situated  within  the  mas-
        portunity to the Houston market.                                        ter-planned East Hardy Commerce Park,
          Upon  completion,  this  facility  will                               this  infrastructure-invested  location  af-
        boast  nearly  304,000  sq.  ft.  of  storage                           fords  frontage  to  the  Hardy  Toll  Road
        space,  over  42,000  pallet  positions,  a                             with  conveniently  situated  to  I45,  Belt-
        55-foot-deep  refrigerated  dock,  and                                  way 8 as well as George Bush Intercon-
        -10F to 60F, fully convertible refrigerat-                              tinental Airport.
        ed/frozen space. This facility is immedi-  over the next 10 years. To make the state-  Through  Ti’s  experience  with  ad-
        ately available to take advantage of both   ment  that  the  market  demand  has  out-  vanced  engineering,  planning,  better
        leasing  and  build-to-suit  opportunities.   paced the current supply of state-of-the-  design, smarter products, and new tech-
        “We  are  developing  this  Houston  loca-  art cold storage infrastructure would be   nologies, this facility will not only be in-
        tion to serve the needs of a population   an understatement, to say the least. Our   novative, but more efficient and effective
        that  has  grown  exponentially  over  the   goal with this project is to help support   in  meeting  the  demands  of  cold  chain
        past 10 years and will continue to grow   the  need  by  delivering  a  sustainable,   users.  Circle 10 on enquiry card

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