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          Leading food company Moy Park togeth-
        er with its partners Queen’s University Bel-
        fast and JF McKenna, has been successful
        in  attracting  funding  from  Innovate  UK  to
        develop its £250,000 ‘Ideal Home’ project.
          The  project  will  provide  an  improved,
        resource,  and  energy-efficient  solution
        to  poultry  houses,  as  the  farming  indus-
        try  looks  to  meet  the  sustainability  target
        of  net-zero  greenhouse  gas  emissions  by
          With a life span of over 30 years, a poul-
        try house presents a significant investment   “Our  corporate  responsibility  agen-  “The Ideal Home partnership, led by Moy
        for  farmers. The ‘Ideal  Home’  project  will   da  focuses  our  efforts  on  developing  our   Park, has developed a project that introduc-
        focus  on  animal  health  and  welfare  while   business in a sustainable and ethical way,   es a detailed baseline assessment identify-
        improving heating, ventilation, lighting, and   investing and improving wherever we can   ing the current situation within ‘traditional’
        feeding  systems  through  energy-efficient   to meet present and future needs.  housing.  Net-zero  emission  agriculture,
        and sustainable solutions.                                              coupled  with  feeding  the  growing  global
                                              “Ideal  Home  is  an  exciting  and  innova-
          Innovate UK is the UK’s innovation agen-  tive  project  with  high  reward  potential,   population,  can  only  succeed  if  improved
        cy, which provides funding and support to   which  drives  transformational  change  to   production  and  sustainability  are  fully  in-
        science and technology projects.    boost sustainability and productivity across   tegrated into the food production process.”
          Speaking  about  the  project,  Moy  Park’s   the  UK’s  poultry  production  system.  From   The feasibility project spans 18 months,
        Head  of  Research  and  Development,  Dr.   an  industry  perspective,  work  must  start   during which time the research consortium
        Anne Richmond said:                 now to help achieve the net-zero emission   will work closely with farmers and custom-
                                            target  by  2040,  in  a  manner  that  assures   ers regarding the proposed precision solu-
                                            high animal welfare.                tions.
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