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                                FOR ALGERIAN CUSTOMERS

              he  Aviagen®  Arbor  Acres®  team
              recently  held  two  webinars  for
          TParent Stock (PS) customers in col-
        laboration with Algerian distributor, Arbor
        Acres  Algérie.  The  webinars  took  place
        on 28 September and 5 October and were
        conducted in both French and Arabic, the
        local  languages  spoken  within  Algeria.
        These webinars have allowed the Aviagen
        Arbor  Acres  team  to  continue  providing
        world-class  customer  service  during  the
        COVID-19 pandemic since we cannot see
        customers face-to-face.
          During  these  webinars,  customers  re-
        ceived  a  number  of  presentations  from
        both our dedicated regional Arbor Acres
        customer  service  team  (CST)  and  also
        members of the Arbor Acres Algérie CST.
        Topics included Brooding and Flock Man-
        agement, PS Feeding Management, Feed-
        ing Management in the Production Period   region,” commented Moez Eleuch, Techni-  important that we provide these webinars
        and the Importance of Different Feed Diets   cal Manager. “These webinars are only the   in the local language for our customers so
        in the Production Period.           beginning of our virtual support to our cus-  they can receive information in their native
                                            tomers. Webinars are a great way for us to   language. On behalf of our team, I would
          “Our Arbor Acres Algérie distributor is   stay in touch with our customers throughout   like to thank Arbor Acres Algérie for col-
        an  extension  of  Aviagen  and  has  worked   these unprecedented times and allows us   laborating with us on providing important
        extremely hard in maximizing the genetic   to provide any customer support when we   support information to our customers and
        potential of the Arbor Acres broiler in the   cannot do so in person. For us, it’s greatly   for their continued support.”
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                                            using the data to modify the minimum-ven-
                                            tilation run time, the system is able to au-
                                            tomatically  achieve  the  desired  range  of
                                            relative humidity to help keep birds more
                                            comfortable and floors drier.
                                               Maximum CFM Curves
               hore-Time   has   updated   its   Larger birds need higher ventilation rates
               CHORE-TRONICS®  3  Control-  to stay comfortable. The CHORE-TRONICS
          Cler  with  features  to  help  poultry   3 Controller is pre-loaded with how much
        producers optimize productivity. The most   air  each  Chore-Time  fan  can  move  and
        significant  upgrades  focus  on  automati-  provides  automatic  control  to  accurately
        cally  adjusting  the  environment  of  poul-  maintain maximum CFM curves based on   Like most CHORE-TRONICS 3 Controls,
        try  houses  to  enhance  bird  comfort  and   bird age. As static pressure changes in the   these new features can be monitored and
        health. These features are standard in new   house, the control calculates the required   activated with the CHORE-TRONICS® Mo-
        installations and can be added to existing   CFM for each fan based on the conditions.  bile App. The App gives poultry producers
        CHORE-TRONICS  3  Systems  through  a                                   more options for managing poultry houses
        simple software update.             PDS™ Pneumatic Drinking             by  giving  them  instant  access  to  current
              Heat and Moisture                  System Technology              conditions  and  remote  control  of  critical
            Removal Calculation               The PDS system automatically adjusts wa-
                                            ter supply based on bird age and demand.   “We  are  constantly  updating  and  im-
          The  updated  CHORE-TRONICS  3  Sys-  While PDS isn’t new to the CHORE-TRON-  proving our systems to give growers bet-
        tem continuously calculates the minimum   ICS 3 Controller, the ability to flush the sys-  ter control over the feeding, drinking, and
        ventilation  time  for  removing  heat  and   tem at any time using a “Flush Now” button   environment  of  their  poultry  operation,”
        moisture from the house. The system works   is  an  additional  feature.  It  gives  poultry   said Bob Christenson, Product Manager for
        by keeping track of the actual amount of   producers another way to stimulate birds   Controls  at  Chore-Time.  “CHORE-TRON-
        water going into a house and also taking   to eat and drink beyond the ability to flush   ICS  3  is  modular  and  upgradeable  so
        measurements of temperature and humid-  automatically based on water temperature   growers can add new options and capabil-
        ity both inside and outside the house. By   and/or time of day.         ities as they are developed.”
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