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                                 VDL AGROTECH HAS DEVELOPED A

                                                  SYNTHETIC HOPPER

                                             • Height adjusters, allow easy adjustment
                                             of the winch heights
                                             • Mounting profile at the top of the funnel
                                             for fixation of the supply auger drop pipe
                                             and for easily lifting the FlexBin
                                             • Stainless steel insert grid ø300mm to fil-
                                             ter out large foreign particles

                                                                                  Stainless steel shielding grid
                                                                                  ø538mm with quick release
          VDL Agrotech has developed a synthetic
        hopper, FlexBin, for the Valenta pan feed-
        ing  system.  The  FlexBin  only  weighs  4.5
        kg, making it a very easy to handle hopper.

              Advantages of the                     Mounting profile
                 FlexBin are:
          • Easy to handle synthetic funnel
          • Weighs only 4.9 kg (compared to 14.1
          kg of the steel hopper)
          • The contour of the feed is clearly visible                           Galvanized cover with handles
          in the FlexBin
          The FlexBin offers more

          •  The  160  L  impact  resistant  synthetic
          (HDPE)  funnel  can  be  removed  directly   Stainless steel insert grid
          with a bayonet fitting                        ø300mm
          •  Solid  corrosion  resistant  feed  intake
          hopper with rigid galvanized intake tube   Optional accessories
          for  the  end  bearing  and  the  feed  line   FlexBin
                                             • Agitator for intake hopper, sometimes   Connection set to mount drop
          • Markings on the intake hopper where   required to prevent feed from bridging   pipe to FlexBin
          the hopper sensor should be placed
                                             • Stainless steel shielding grid with quick   The  FlexBin  with  both  the  single  and
          The  FlexBin  (160  L)  is  available  with  a   release
        single and double outlet.                                               double  outlet  has  been  extensively  field
                                             • Galvanized cover with handles    tested at poultry farms in combination with
                                                                                the  Valenta  pan  feed  line.  The  manoeu-
                                             • Connection set to mount drop pipe to   vrability and low weight of the FlexBin are
                                             FlexBin                            highly  appreciated.  The  FlexBin  is  easy
                                                                                to handle. The fact that the contour of the
                                                                                feed  is  clearly  visible  in  the  transparent
                                                                                FlexBin is also considered a major advan-
                                                                                tage. The overall conclusion of the farmers
                                                                                was a very satisfactory performance of the
                                                                                                    Circle 11 on enquiry card
         FlexBin 160 L with single outlet
           & FlexBin 160 L with double                                              ADVERTISE IN
                      outlet                                                     THE ARAB WORLD
             The FlexBin comes
                standard with:                                                      AGRIBUSINESS
                                                 Agitator set, sometimes           MAGAZINE AND
          • Galvanized platform
                                              required to prevent feed from
          • Floor support for the single and double     bridging                   PROMOTE YOUR
          outlet                                                                       PRODUCTS

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