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Global leader in WATER treatment for 20+ YEARS

       Water is the most important product resource on
       every  farm.  We  help  our  clients  make  the  best
       use of every drop.

          •  Solve ALL water problems
          •  INCREASE productivity, profits, food security
          •  REDUCE costs, losses, waste

                                                       We are now expanding into the Gulf and Northern Africa
                                                       regions and have set up a Distributor in the Kingdom of
                                                       Saudi Arabia. We have additional territories available for
                                                       qualified  professionals  to  join  our  successful  team  of
                                                       Distributors.  We  offer  complete  training,  support  and
                                                       resources to ensure a successful operation.

                                                                       Specializing in all types of Agriculture

       PUROXI  (OB)  is  made  from  a  “proprietary  stabilized
       acceleration formula” for water treatment, purification &
       conditioning.  Along with our other specific products and
       protocols, it improves hydration, nutrition absorption, and
       enhances the immune system for a more rapid response
       to infection or parasites.

       One Stop for ALL Water Solutions:

          •  Premium Quality Products & Services
          •  Trusted Expert Advice
          •  Truly Amazing Results

                        Puroxi Pure Water Global Inc.

                                    Contact: Zak Motala CDS, CWS, CCP
                    Email:                      WhatsApp: +1 604-302-9424

                 Office is located in British Columbia, Canada. Time Zone: PST (-8 hrs. GMT/UTC)

                      Clean ~ Clear ~ Nutritional ~ Water is our passion!
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