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                                          IS THE ARABIAN GULF THE NEXT

                                          AQUACULTURE BOOM?

                                          state of the industry and underlines the
                                          promising  opportunities  it  presents.
             Dr Sagiv Kolkovski           The document serves as a reference for
                                          those interested in aquaculture and fish
               Nutrakol Australia         hatcheries around the region.
                                            In February this year, Prime Aquacul-
        During the past decade, marine aqua-  ture,  a  subsidiary  of  Emirates  National
       culture became the focus of affluent Gulf   Aquaculture, has signed a memorandum
       countries including Saudi Arabia, United   of  understanding  with  Jebel  Ali  Free
       Arab Emirates, Oman and Bahrein.   Zone  (Jafza)  to  build  the  region’s  first
                                          shrimp recirculating aquaculture system
        A combination of depleting fish stocks   (RAS) farm. The new farm will produce
       (according to the UAE government, 85%   over 1,000 MT of shrimps per year, which
       of Abu Dhabi’s Sheri Lethrinus nebulosus   is  three  times  more  than  the  current
       and hamour Epinephelus sp. stocks have   shrimp production in the UAE.
       been depleted), industry diversification,                                     Asian sea bass sea cage
       environmental  conditions  such  as  vast   The  Sultan  of  Oman  has  recently   Courtesy of NAQUA
       land and unpolluted seawater and an in-  merged Blue Water LLC,  Al Wusta Fish-
       terest in self-sufficiency in seafood sup-  ery  Industries,  and  Oceanic  Shrimp   One of the main advantages in Oman
       ply  have  led  the  governments  of  these   Aquaculture  LLC  under  a  new  entity   is the free trade agreement (FTA) it has
       countries to invest and support the de-  named  ‘Fisheries  Development  Oman’.   with  USA,  enabling  Omani  seafood  ex-
       velopment of aquaculture industry.  This 8,000-hectare project would be the   porters  to  take  advantage  of  premium
                                          second largest of its kind in the Middle   prices for seafood in the USA markets.
        The  extensive  Red  Sea  coastline  and   East  and  North  Africa  (MENA)  region,
       the Arabian Gulf, with their pristine wa-  with  an  annual  production  capacity  of   All  the  Gulf  Cooperation  Council
       ters  and  favorable  environmental  con-  43,000 MT of Indian white shrimp Fenne-  (GCC)  countries  have  incentives  to  at-
       ditions,  such  as  low  nutrients  and  tem-  ropenaeus indicus.      tract foreign investment such as:
       perature  range  of  22-28°C  are  largely
       unexploited in terms of aquaculture ca-  Oman’s  Ministry  of  Agriculture  and   • Free repatriation of capital and prof-
       pacity.                            Fisheries  is  making  large-scale  invest-  its
                                          ments  valued  at  US$  1  billion  across   •  70%  foreign  ownership  which  may
       Investment                         15,000 hectares of land for the develop-  be increased to 100% on providing 70%
        In  early  February  2022,  The  CEO  of   ment of the aquaculture sector.   of the financing
       Saudi  Arabia’s  National  Fisheries  De-                                • No corporate tax for up to 10 years
       velopment  Program  (NFDP),  Dr  Ali  Al-
       Shaikhi  has reiterated his plans to attract                             • No custom duties on aquaculture ma-
       over  $US  4  billion  of  foreign  and  local                         chinery, equipment and raw material for
       investment  into  the  country’s  aquacul-                             5 years
       ture  sector  (Arab  News).  Saudi  Arabia
       (KSA)  has  invested  almost  $US  80  mil-                              • Soft loans at very low interest rates
       lion preparing the infrastructure for this                               •  Appropriate  land  rights  for  passed
       future development, including feasibility                              aquaculture projects on the suitable sites
       studies,  measuring  environmental  im-                                from the Ministry
       pacts, identifying the right species to be
       cultivated,  establishing  fish  hatcheries,                             • Fast tracked approvals and permits
       developing food processing techniques
       and investing in human resources by in-                                    Current and future
       creasing the R&D, as well as, supporting                                        production
       KSA students to study aquaculture over-
       seas.                                                                  KSA
        In 2020, the UAE Minister of State for                                  Saudi Arabia’s (KSA) aquaculture sec-
       Food Security launched the ‘UAE Aqua-   Land-base aquaculture tanks    tor  is  by  far  the  largest  in  the  region,
       culture Pulse 2020 Guideline’. The docu-     Courtesy of NAQUA         producing  an estimated 100,000 MT of
       ment  provides  a  review  on  the  current                            fish and shrimp (2020). The aquaculture
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