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Technologies for Professional

       Quality Assessment

            Auto Sample Cleaner

            Dockage testing, sorting and weighing

            For a wide range of grains and seeds

                 With aspiration and deawner
                 Self-cleaning sorting sieve through ball
                cleaning system
                 Low noise operation
                 Touch screen display
                 Integrated printer and LAN interface

                                                                        Granolyser HL
                                                                        NIR analyzer with bulk density module
                                                                        Increase the ef  ciency of your grain analysis
                                                                            All NIR parameters and bulk density

                                                                            In compliance with the requirements of dif erent
                                                                           international standards
                                                                            Results in less than 60 seconds
                                                                            User-friendly software, available in 18 languages

                                                                             Touch screen display and built-in printer

                                     Rakoraf 2 / Rakoraf 2 LINEAR
                                     Truck sampler, stationary and with lateral
                                     Complete and representative samples can be taken
                                     from both sides of articulated trains, semitrailers and
                                     railway wagons
                                         Maximum sampling area 8.8x18.8 m (linear)         Download the complete
                                         Column construction or alternatively wall-mounted  catalogue here:

                                         Well-tried and patented sampling technology       https://www.pfeuf
                                                                                           files/pfeuf er-catalog-en.pdf
                                         Clearly arranged remote control
                                         Quick installation

       Pfeuf er GmbH, Flugplatzstr. 70
       97318 Kitzingen, Germany
       Tel. +49 9321 9369-0
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